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Gone For Good song by Justine Bradley

This is the original DEMO only recording of a song written by Justine Bradley in 2015 in relation to family violence and violence against women.  

Justine wrote this song got an awareness project and re-recorded it herself for her latest album, released in early 2017.

You can find Justine Bradley on Facebook if you're like to order her excellent CD of mellow, moving music with soulful sounds and clarity.

Watch GONE FOR GOOD song here -

WE ARE Seeking a globally recognised popular FEMALE musician/vocalist/singer with a large international following to re-record this song, the lyrics, and with some discretion over the score, to raise awareness of the extremely high levels of gender-based violence, domestic terrorism and family violence, which destroys the well-being of far too many women, children, pets and families in our world. 

Trigger Warning about our project video for GONE FOR GOOD by Justine Bradley (on Youtube).

This video covers disturbing statistics of violence and murders of women by their partners and ex-partners. Be sure to call lifeline or seek support.

If you are a musician or entertainer who would like to cover this song and record this professionally, or if you are a group working with Survivors of Domestic Violence, please contact One Generation Changes via telephone by sending a text or SMS to 0421 99 55 22.

Be sure to mention you are contacting us in relation to Justine Bradley's song "GONE FOR GOOD."

You can also send an email with your contact details to contentwriterandseo AT with the Subject Line of GONE FOR GOOD.

Project assisted by: Health Media Marketing/One Generation Changes

Thanks – we look forward to hearing from musicians and sponsors who have an interest in music, song writing, and helping women recover from family violence. 

Gone For Good - the anti-violence song by Justine Bradley
 (Theme: Prevention of Family Violence & Violence Against Women) 

Project scope: 2 parts - 

1. To find a globally renowned FEMALE vocalist, singer/musician, who will record and distribute the song written by Justine Bradley called "GONE FOR GOOD" which highlights the high levels of gender-based violence across the world and in 1 in every 4 homes.

2. To increase social understandings of the COMPLEXITY of women's lives when they find themselves in a situation of domestic terrorism (family violence) and when their lives, the lives of their children and pets, are in serious danger (of being killed). To raise awareness that a woman is MOST at risk when she is planning to leave or has left, so that staying is dangerous, leaving is dangerous, and decision making is highly complex.

If you're a MUSICIAN or a corporate sponsor, will you please help us record this song?  

Need a VOLUNTEER singer with international acclaim to re-record this demo in a more professional way.

Money needed to produce and distribute (will be free to air and download and free for use by domestic violence support organisations once recorded and distributed): $20,000 

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