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Alex Smith's MUSIC program for children with autism

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NO solicitation calls please.

Only volunteers and philanthropic projects or projects to increase awareness of important issues impacting population health & well being.  Inspired by the earth-bag water tower project in Vanuatu. 

Prior projects we've worked on include encouraging law changes for end of life care, awareness building of gender issues and equality, new forms of communication/plain language summaries, disadvantaged population support projects and more. 

Connie May, MHST is a Digital Marketing, SEO and Communications Strategist for ONE GENERATION CHANGE PROJECTS.

An SEO content writing expert for digital engagement and evidence based PUBLIC HEALTH and wellness based research distribution, Connie focuses on significant campaigns for social change and cultural shift awareness.

She works on increasing digital footprints, social media awareness and community engagement for health care and other services, including helping people with Diff-Ability such as Autism or Cerebral Palsy, and promotion of well-being psychological services and innovative, sustainable start ups with a social conscience.  FOLLOW her on TWITTER @healthmediamktg.

Connie May MHST (Project Lead)

Background: Healthcare, Wellness & Public Health Research; Pyschology and the impact of Trauma and Loss on Health Behaviours, Digital Marketing & SEO for Social Change Campaigns (and innovative, sustainable Start Ups)

Making a Difference NOW....for the GENERATIONS growing up today, and all the ones that follow. ** ONE GENERATION CHANGES **

This Way In To Music By Alex Smith

Project 3: Share the Dignity (In the Bag, Axe the Tax)

Volunteer filming for the campaign "It's NOT in the BAG" featuring Sarah FItsch. Program by Rochelle Courtenay.

Project 4:  Gender Equality and Diversity Reporting -
Board of Governors and GENDER Diversity - Equality (more females on Corporate BOARDS) 

Reports on the gender diversity and equality of BOARD representation at the big corporates and in political spheres.

One Generation Changes is about musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and change activists INSPIRING changes in THIS generation for the next.


Project 1: This Way In To Music with Singer ALEX SMITH 

Special Needs Music Interaction program by Alex Smith - for Autism, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and others.

This Way In To Music (TM) Program leads: Alex Smith (Singer), Founder; Connie May MHST, Director/Producer and Distribution, Ric Davidson, Special Needs Education Program Advisor Ron Brown, Producer/Director and Sound Production,    For information on this program, visit or find the page on our MENU (top of page).

One Generation Changes

EQUALITY statistics of Corporate Boards: Women in Executive Positions or Board of Directors Positions 

Corporate Boards and Executive Teams are still primarily male.

Due to the lack of change, we're going to acknowledge and RANK Corporations about gender diversity on Boards. Click here.

Project 2: Prevention of Gender-Violence and Domestic Violence - the GONE FOR GOOD song written by Justine Bradley.

An awareness program to assist with decision making in situations of domestic terrorism (at home violence and risk of life to women, children, pets)

Volunteer filming for the campaign "It's NOT in the BAG" featuring Sarah FItsch. Program by Rochelle Courtenay.

Tired of waiting for your PASSION PROJECTS to have effect?
We are a combination of artists, musicians, actors and activists who help PROMOTE projects that are designed to make a cultural change DIFFERENCE in OUR lifetime - a ONE GENERATION lifetime.

We seek to work only on projects directly benefiting the generation that follows ours and improves the well being of our communities.

​Bring It Forward with a ONE GENERATION CHANGE campaign. Call our health research/writer and community engagement SEO expert Connie May MHST to see how we can bring more attention to YOUR next passion project or political aim. 

The ONE GENERATION Change Makers.

We are a collaboration of individuals from music industries, education, social services, law, and other entertainment sectors who want to make changes in our world for the next generation in a 'pay it forward' type of way. One to One. One to Many.

One Change, One Generation at a Time - but making One Generation Changes in our lifetime. 

Whether that's helping children with Autism and other communication challenges or building cyclone-resistant shelters and water storage tanks or helping reduce social harms, our volunteers are dedicated to change.  
Not in 100 years, but in our lifetimes and the one that follows.  

We aim for One Generation Changes in a "pay it forward" type of way.

Next Generations.

Our Lives. Our Passions. 

Changes in OUR life times for the generations on the planet, and those to follow.

We also help promote informative books and well-being research.

We are keen to help you with global change projects so get in touch with us using the form, or phone me directly.   Find us on +61.421.99.55.22

** Please, no solicitation emails or SEO pitch phone calls.**  We use